Volunteering in the dark

It’s election season in the ACT and although I am not a member of a political party, I usually volunteer to leaflet drop in our suburb for The Greens.

Earlier in the week I had made a start – it wasn’t a big area to cover, and I got about two thirds of my section done in 45 minutes.  I was able to make good time with the kelpie dragging me along, although the criss-crossing of the street did confuse her for a bit.  She wasn’t the only one confused; the difference between the “no junk mail” and “Australia Post only” signs wasn’t clear at first but I soon worked it out.

Tonight, I thought I would take advantage of the night-shift dog walker being out at a meeting, and deliver the rest of the leaflets, and earn some brownie points by walking the dog.

Springtime in Canberra has a lovely scent – jasmine and wattle and the odd jonquil or two.  It’s lovely to wander the streets, even after the sun has set.  So I set off with my satchel of leaflets, doggie bag, and phone.  After getting wound up in the lead a couple of times (it’s confusing being walked by the wrong human at night) I found the real folly of my initiative was trying to find letterboxes in the dark.  I should have brought a torch.  It’s really surprising how many letter boxes are hidden half way up a drive way.  It didn’t help that I’d had a glass and a half of full cream chardonnay with dinner either.  Much fumbling ensued as I tried to find the slots in the boxes.  But we made good progress, and I delivered what I had. 

I ran out of leaflets of course, so I’m still not finished.  There’s always Saturday.


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