The sound and light of a Fractured Heart

Cait and I had fun at the Fractured Heart sound installation at the National Film and Sound Archive this week.


Called a ‘light harp’, it gives you a chance to play with sound and light in an interactive fashion and is a really valuable lesson in understanding how to manipulate the sound in particular, to make new pieces of music.  The light component gives another guide for what sound you have chosen in your “composition”.

The installation uses Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” featuring Kimbra, with both vocal parts of the song as well as instrumental components available for manipulation into new pieces of soundscape – whatever you as the manipulator of the data wants to make of it.

Fractured Heart was used as a background light show for the ARIA awards in 2011 and another version was used at the 2012 Vivid Festival in Sydney. It will be at the NFSA at least until May 2013.

Spare a thought for the staff who work in the gallery though, who hear this same song again and again.  I hope they get plenty of breaks.


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