Bring on the light

Last night we visited the Enlighten Festival (1-9 March 2013), which ushers Canberra into autumn.

Computer NLA

Jazz on library

NLA columns

The main free events are located on the grass along the front of Lake Burley Griffin; and feature light shows projected onto the white spaces of the buildings housing the national cultural institutions in the Parliamentary Zone. There are also musical performances and other activities on different nights. Canberra artists have worked with The Electric Canvas, which translates the designs into the large scale projections.


Portrait gallery 2

Data on NLA

Despite the actual arrival of autumn (oh, bliss!) and some cooler temperatures, the event was popular and the light shows are dazzling. All you needed was a good coat and a hat.

Taxi fish 2

Eeriest by far are the four-metre angler fish, mounted on mini vehicles, translating their deep sea habitat to the paths around the lake.

And the computer game Snake was projected onto the external walls of the National Portrait Gallery, and you could play the game, for a fee.


It was an unusual opportunity to see Canberra in a different light, and we loved it.


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