Action photo challenge

I’m starting the Word a Week photography challenge from fellow WordPress blogger, Sue Llewellyn .

The current word is action. Rather than take any new shots, I’ve gone back through my existing images, which is a really useful and interesting thing to do, reminding me of what we’ve done and where we’ve been.

I don’t have a lot of “action” shots, and many of those I do have are sport related.  But here is a selection.  Thanks Sue Llewellyn!

Nightfest 1

Juggling at Canberra’s Floriade Nightfest 2012 meant lots of action in these lighted tumbling sticks.

Netball 2 netball 1

There’s always plenty of action at netball

Long jump Cait 2012

The long jump and the flying hair

Footy 2012

At the Australian Football League match between Carlton and Essendon in April 2012


One thought on “Action photo challenge

  1. skinnywench says:

    well done – you managed to link it back to my post 🙂

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