Spent a bit of time on Easter Monday just scratching the surface of the new National Arboretum in Canberra.

An arboretum provides a place for trees to be studied for scientific and educational purposes. The concept of an arboretum was part of the original successful design for Canberra by Walter Burley Griffin.  Further information about the Arboretum can be found here.

But the National Arboretum will be much more than that – it will be a focus for community events for Canberra, and the nation, as well. It opened in early February 2013, and has been attracting a steady flow of visitors since then.

Indoors Village Centre Seeds 2 Seeds 1

The visitors’ centre, known as the Village Centre, has a coffee shop/bistro, and a gift shop, as well as displays about the plantings in the arboretum, and the history of the location. I can imagine many a morning tea here, especially mid-winter, and the vista is magical.

A pavilion, still under construction, will host open air events, such as the Voices in the Forest concerts, held in November.  The natural amphitheatre will allow the opportunity for many enjoyable events into the future.

Sculptures dot the various viewing spots around the 250 hectare site, providing identifiable landmarks from which points can be taken.  For those of us who used to slog up and down the hills walking the dog, it’s a revelation what opening up the space has done.

Bird's nest sculpture Bird's nest detail

I can’t wait to get back there, with a picnic or some bbq treats, to really explore.


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