Old news

“Old” is such a subjective word.  What’s old to me may be young in terms of the age of the universe.  And what’s young to me could be positively ancient to a ten year old. It depends on your perspective, doesn’t it?

Representing ageing in human terms, “old people” can therefore be somewhat problematic.  Should I do a self-portrait?

So I tried to think about something that no one can argue is old, and this led me back to Newspaper Rock, a petroglyphs site in Utah in the US.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Located in the wondrous Canyonlands National Park, Newspaper Rock is thought to be about 2000 years old and to have been left by people from several Native American cultures living in the area:  Archaic, Anasazi, Fremont, Navajo, Anglo, and Pueblo.

There are over 650 different symbols signifying animals, people, places and events – somewhat like a newspaper.

While it’s not the oldest rock art that I have seen, it resonated with me – more than the caves in the south of France, or some indigenous rock art in Australia – possibly just because it’s called Newspaper Rock.



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