Thursday night playlist 11 April 2013

This week’s Thursday night playlist is brought to you by the Thatcher years.  UK focussed, but all great songs.


3 thoughts on “Thursday night playlist 11 April 2013

  1. Amanda, I liked the song and kept thinking of Mrs Thatcher while watching. Thanks for liking my blog about Mrs Thatcher and Ms Funicello (with a bit of Richard Nixon in the mix!). Cheers, Tom

    • Thanks Tom. There are several tracks there, all deeply entrenched in my memory from those Thatcher years. I play them, on vinyl, often.
      I did love the Annette/Maggie piece. My main comment on Tuesday morning (to my FB ‘friends’ – actually, they are all friends) was that I was more upset about the passing of Annette!

  2. Hi Amanda, Sorry I would have replied sooner, but wasn’t in my blog for a while. I just tried to send you a reply from my blog, but not sure if it made it. Just wanted to say I felt the same way as you did about Annette! I am now trying to think of a way to write about the Boston Marathon. Such terrible news. Take care, Tom

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