No reservations about Tidbinbilla open day

We had much fun at the Tidbinbilla Extravaganza today.  The glorious autumn weather resulted in a good turn out for the event, which is designed to encourage families to become more familiar with the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.  Along with its fantastic interactive playground, the ACT Parks and Conservation Services puts on a range of child-focussed activities and entertainment each year.

BBQs were popular at Tidbinbill

The free BBQs were well used, and picnics were another popular choice for families, backed up by some hot food options that were for sale.

The entertainment included Questacon’s Excited Particles show, one of its popular outreach programs that explains science in every day language.  They really do a great job of keeping it real. Exploring the topic of energy, apparently there are 101 uses for liquid nitrogen: freezing an onion with liquid nitrogen, then smashing it with a hammer; mixing liquid nitrogen with detergent and water, to produce large amounts of froth; and a demonstration of the injection of liquid nitrogen into a balloon. Guess what, it pops!

Excited particles 1

Excited particles 2

Also popular was the reptile talk and sing along, aimed to foster respect for, rather than fear of, reptiles.  Several “brave” volunteers held snakes and patted a baby crocodile. The message was clear – staying away from them is the best way for us all to keep safe.

Crocs 1

Crocs 2

ACT Parks and Conservation Service has a program of activities designed to educate the community about indigenous history and use of land in and around Canberra.  Rangers were on hand to talk about some of the local foods, plants, animals and history.

Snake arms

Snake body painting was very popular, and they also had samples of emu, wallaby and possum from their BBQ, which were very tasty.

Announced today was the donation of an all-terrain wheelchair to the ACT community, by the National Parks Association of the ACT.  The wheelchair operates on one, centrally located wheel, and is designed to be steered by at least two people.  The aim is for people with a mobility impairment to use the wheelchair out on the tracks in the ACT’s conservation reserves, opening up opportunities for them to experience the Territory’s natural environment.

Mobility wheelchair 1

Mobility wheelchair 2

Autumn is a really pleasant time to be outside in the ACT – it’s not baking hot, and it’s not really cold (although I don’t mind the latter).  Today was a cracker of a day – 26 degrees C – and by the look of it, lots of Canberrans agreed with me that the Tidbinbilla Extravaganza was the place to be.


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