Exploring Canberra’s public art

I always take lots of photos of statues and sculptures when we are travelling in other places.  But what about the excellent public art that we have in Canberra?  I want to find out more, so the black kelpie and I are going to investigate some of these pieces further.

Today, we looked at Chalchiuhtlicue, located in Latin America Plaza, just in the newly developed end of Childers Street, in Civic.

Mexican 2 Latin America plaza

The name of the statue means “The Goddess of Water” and is “inspired by the pre-Hispanic stone sculpture of the same name, found at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, Mexico.”  It is made of steel, and the artist is Jesus Mayagoitia. (My Spanish isn’t great, but I think this is his site – http://jesusmayagoitia-escultor.blogspot.com.au/2010/02/avances-de-la-investigacion.html)  The main impact of this statute was to make me want to go to Mexico to see the inspiration!  More travel.  Note to self: must find job.

Rocket with tillly Plaque for miners

Also at Latin American Plaza is a replica of the capsule that rescued the 33 trapped miners in Chile in 2010.  It was a gift from the People and Government of Chile to the Government of Australia.   Looking at the replica, I was taken back to this disaster, and the fear for the men who were trapped underground for so long.  And how weird it would have been to be transported up to the light, in this little cage.  Although I am sure each of them was glad of the opportunity!

Arts ACT and the ACT Government recently issued (or re-issued) an electronic guide to the public art that has been commissioned by the local or federal government, and is in the ACT.  More to come!



7 thoughts on “Exploring Canberra’s public art

  1. Nice idea to focus on public art in Canberra, Amanda, and I love the photo of your black kelpie posing in front of the statue and the capsule. Black Dog rules!

    • Tom, I just saw your comment. Thanks. Things have been very busy. Did you see Errol Simper’s column this week! Hilarious.

      • Yes, and I wrote to thank him, but explained I had never thrown a typewriter, just dropped one to get it fixed! He said he got it mixed up with the time I shattered a partition. But that’s another story. He blamed it on the passage of time. The final episode of The Observer Effect is on tomorrow night, so I plan to go back to writing my blog — grandchildren minding notwithstanding. Hope you’re well. Cheers, Tom

      • Funny how the facts get lost in the story!

        Sue Cook and I both thought it hilarious that the most eccentric journalist we ever knew (maybe) was writing about newsroom eccentrics, but there you go. We have tried to encourage Errol to write something about his time in newsrooms, not a fly on the wall exposition, more about how it’s changed. He’s a great survivor, and there are reasons for that.

        I hope your most recent experience in broadcasting has been a positive one – haven’t caught up on whether they are renewing.

        I too have been a blog absentee – am rectifying that just now.
        Keep well.

      • Thanks, Amanda. I’m about to post my first blog in a while, and I have exchanged a few emails with Errol. It will be interesting to see what develops! He’s a great bloke. No word on renewal. Cheers, Tom

  2. I see your picture and comment of Canberras Chalchiuhtlicue, this is the inspiration:
    Chalchiuhticue, Water Goddess. Teotihuacán, mexico.

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